Monday, March 1, 2010

Dump Dump Dump...hearing things in my Head:O

LasT Few weeks...its my busy day n got a lot of things i do...things 2 fill up my free time:)
Then my salary for FEB is so darn late...i got my money2 on 10pm(25 Feb).the office told me n all our crew that the bank having a system down YESTERDAY b4 the day our salary shud be bank lame n so stupid.then all the payment n 'HuTang' late to settle.but its least i got my salary that not enuf 2 support me for this month.

Listening my fav songs by Aizat,Vince n HAfiz...all of their songs so nice n lol the lyrics.this songs i played when driving heading 2 work.remind me who im right now n the past in my life change me be a better man :).

Im thinking to do some art work nowdays.maybe gonna post some of my art work in my blog.then creating my own cartoon n others art.
LOL arts...coz its part of me.
Then when I haf my free time...i love 2 write a songs that reflect my life n things that happening around ME.
IM cherish everyone that i meet n knew in my life:)

"Fren is not easy to haf in UR lifes if U not to be honest to URSELF"

Dont take things for granted...coz ONE DAY its will make U feel so shame about urself.

Hey hey hey hey...gonna post more in this few days:D
Just keep intouch anyone out there..then leave a msg in my inbox there:D

Take care n a blast day aHEAD ur all;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back FrOm TimE

Last few few month i was so busy 2 post many things happen to me:),THingS that cherIsh n gOOd thiNgs HappeN.Now i SMILE frm Me HeART:D..a big2 big smile.
Now i been working in airlines more than 2 fast..TIME PAST me By.many things happen during my work as a cabin crew:).lol it.

Last month Me n my bestfren Afyzam goin to sibu using my car...its was amazing trip.i never forget it...1st time drove frm Miri to Sibu then after that go to Kuching.Tiring day for me but a great experience in my many people all the way to destination..from morning till n my fren take our turn to drive.hehehehe.

We stop in Sibu,staying at my grandma house at area Lanang housing.the place that i grew up when i was 4 years old:).i miss my childhood coz im prankster n like to play with my fren neighbour.:)..ME n my fren attend my bestfren RoY wedding his lover frm Kota Kinabalu.its was a happening wedding.feel happy to see my fren getting married.

Owh owh owh...need to go.if i haf a free time..gonna post more:D.
Take care ANYONE out there.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Last.... I can Do Blog

                                                            ME with Mr Sani N Afyzam

Hey there...sorry not posting any quiet busy here with my life n my many flight each week.Till i get so tired n feel unwell....but i took a good rest when im not working n going out with my buddies in Miri.There nothing BEESSTT in Miri.coz everyday goin out to same place,if not going to other places like new food a maneater.Dont know why,now im gaining weight.

Before my weight is only 52kg about Dec 2008.but now my weight is 60kg.Man,i been eaten a lot of food.hehehehe.everywhere i go,i will haf my lunch or my sucker with donut n choc.Then i do my workout 2,sometimes with my buddies.A lot of my fren telling me that my appearance  have changed n gain weight.hehehe.maybe im happy with my life,but sometimes missing person that i care before.its move ok with things happen to me before,it make me a better man.

Owh,im gonna go to haf my holiday in KL nxt month.hmmmm,middle of the mont.15 july till 22 july.havin my relax day n shopping time.Me n my bestfren goin to watch Man Utd come to Malaysia.If anyone want to meet me or hangout with me.just leave msg at my facebook "Adzha Mansor".

There some of my pic with my fren n my collection of Transformers with Spiderman.I like to collect this action i haf about 14 types of action transformers n Spiderman.then i bought sith lightsaber.Sith rulezzzz.hehehehe.

MAybe next time im gonna updated more my blog.I pray for anyone out there to haf a good life n be happy with the things U do.

Then I always miss person that i care in my life:).Take care there.

                                                                              Atr Class

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just this n my fren write this song...its all about relationship n how we feel to missing someone everyday..someone that we love b4..someone that we love now..
But im not in love right attention haf serious relationship..
Still looking for the gal that can make me smile frm me heart.
Im happy with my single life style...deep inside my heart there a missing pieces that been gone for a long time.
Happy VAlentine to all the couples around the world.hope all of u haf a blast day on valentine day..
Its been 2 year I dont haf valentine in my me 2 be rush...

JUst click the video n hope enjoy the songs.its been a while i want 2 edit n put this song my blog...i got few song that me n my fren write.I will be posting more when i haf a free time.:P

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things that I bought 4 myself




Im a shopping guy that like 2 spent money for fashion n style.that im relaxing n on9 at starbuck bintang megamall in miri...
Sitting with my fren...thinking about things that make me happy n kaco2 gal d ctok..hehehehe.
Biasa lah..single guy.haf my sweet time than the nxt day i will haf flght....
Nightstop in kuch n the next day nightstop in bintulu..gonna be in miri on gonna my busy day ahead me again n this time not good trubulence in the aircraft n bumping flight.hehehehe.
Will update more..need 2 update my facebook n friendster.bye2;P

Friday, January 16, 2009

Song That I WriTe

DEMI HARI...writen by Adzha & Roy G Fender

Demi hari…. ku memikirkn dirimu

Demi hari….hati ku resah tanpa mu

Dirimu dirimu dirimu hati ku rindu…aku rindu kamu

Padamu padamu padamu…cintaku

Demi waktu….ku menunggu mu sayang

Demi waktu….ku menanti tangan mu

Kekasih hati…

Hanya dirimu..

Dpt mbuat ku mrasakn dirimu anggun

Hanya dirimu sayang…dpt mbuat ku rasa gembira

Hanya dirimu kekasih..dpt ku rasa…

Hatiku resah..memikirkn mu..

Sentuhan mu mbuat ku senang hati..

Tiba2 sahaja diriku mengenangkn dirimu…swaktu kita brsama dahulu

Hanya dirimu pgubat rindu…bunga mawar yg ku beri hanya lah utk mu.

Tiba nya masa nanti,kita kan brsatu tp halangan yg dpt…

Tiba masa nanti,kita kan brsatu lagi.

Suatu ari..kita kan brsama

D mana saja akan ku ingat cinta mu….kekasih hati ku.

C I N T A..cinta ku padaku

C I N T A..cinta ku padaku

The songs still in progress..still need 2 convert n later i will be put this songs in the Youtube.

This song the event that happen in my lifes that make me strong till now...coz still missing it..honestly..but I know i cant do anything right now...just pray n wish for it.

Will be update again,see ya...Take care there:)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Auk Auk Auk

Nah,baruk jak aku bangun dr tdo tek eh...sikit gik maok trlanjak eh...dah lah lepas tok maok ada flight..kerja dr pukul 1305 till 2030..lamak ya bah...lalu kepak kerja brada d atas awan...dah lah opis brgerak jak n mala jak ada penumpang nait eh.

Aku dr start fly tok...tiap kali ada prayaan or event..mesti kenak fly jak..hehehehe,jarang pun dpt holiday.maok juak merasa cuti time prayaan.

Aku slalu hangout dgn bestfren ku,pegi lepak2,minum2 mun sik pegi main bowling..
Best ada bestfren,sebab cdak memahami n mcm2 jak d klaka...ya pun aku sik terbang baruk dpt jumpa cdak...cdak pun fly juak...sama kerja.ya susah mun sama kerja,susah maok jumpa juak ya.

Sik brasa udah 1 tahun lebih kerja dlm airlines...mcm2 jak pengalaman dgn mcm2 org aku jumpa...ada ok,ada sik ok,ada maok brkwn smata2 aku tok kerja airline,ada nak ya suka2 brkwn dgn aku...aku sik kisah ya...janji sik ngaco life aku.yg penting aku senang maok brkwn dgn susah juak mun brkwn dgn pompuan...cdak akan pdh yg aku mesti byk gf...aku udah biasa dgn soalan ya...honestly aku sik ada brgerek dgn sapa2 sblm tok ada tp sik mjadi..coz gal ya sik trust dgn apa aku polah dgn kerja aku sbagai cabin crew tok....

Org byk pikir negatif ttg cdak cabin sik suma cabin crew kedak ya...ya tpulang pd org ya juak...kedak ni maok handle life cdak ya...aku ok jak....ilek jak,sik gago apa2...
Tp ada juak masa aku missing org nak aku paling d syg ku dolok...ya sik dpt d padam dr memori ku...ya akan padam bila aku jumpa gal yg mmahami buat masa tok sik pun pganti...aku jd single..ya gik rilek

Pikir maok cuti bln feb tok...pegi jln n shopping d kl n other tauk trjumpa dgn sapa2 kah..nak best ya..

Sorry..kali tok aku blog dlm klaka Sarawak.mala jak omputih.

Will be blog about 5 more days...see ya:P