Monday, March 1, 2010

Dump Dump Dump...hearing things in my Head:O

LasT Few weeks...its my busy day n got a lot of things i do...things 2 fill up my free time:)
Then my salary for FEB is so darn late...i got my money2 on 10pm(25 Feb).the office told me n all our crew that the bank having a system down YESTERDAY b4 the day our salary shud be bank lame n so stupid.then all the payment n 'HuTang' late to settle.but its least i got my salary that not enuf 2 support me for this month.

Listening my fav songs by Aizat,Vince n HAfiz...all of their songs so nice n lol the lyrics.this songs i played when driving heading 2 work.remind me who im right now n the past in my life change me be a better man :).

Im thinking to do some art work nowdays.maybe gonna post some of my art work in my blog.then creating my own cartoon n others art.
LOL arts...coz its part of me.
Then when I haf my free time...i love 2 write a songs that reflect my life n things that happening around ME.
IM cherish everyone that i meet n knew in my life:)

"Fren is not easy to haf in UR lifes if U not to be honest to URSELF"

Dont take things for granted...coz ONE DAY its will make U feel so shame about urself.

Hey hey hey hey...gonna post more in this few days:D
Just keep intouch anyone out there..then leave a msg in my inbox there:D

Take care n a blast day aHEAD ur all;)

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